Humble Beginnings

Tou’s Garden began humbly in 1993 on a rundown mango farm at Howard Springs. The first harvest was undertaken by the owners with a wheelbarrow, single picking stick, and two guard dogs looking on.

A need was identified to consolidate and manage small neglected mango farms in the Darwin area which was achieved via a series of 3 year share farming agreements.  Another orchard with a packing shed, coolroom and staff accommodation was purchased at Berry Springs in early 1996 to expand and gain more control over the process.

In 2000 the first of 3 undeveloped virgin blocks, a total of 400 hectares, was acquired at Acacia Gap with planting commencing that same year.

By 2010 all 400 hectares were complete with mangoes – a fantastic sight to see from aerial imaging!

The original wheelbarrow and the picking sticker have now been replaced with new modern, locally built harvest aides aimed at increased worker safety and comfort.

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 11.47.37 am.png

Modern Farm

Originally the business was established to assist with the management of mango plantations in Howard Springs, Berry Springs and the new development at Acacia Gap, all located within the Northern Territory of Australia.  All operations are now consolidated at Acacia Gap which is around 45 minutes by road from Darwin, the northernmost city in Australia with both an international air and sea port.

The current plantings of 35,000 trees comprise:

  • 17,000 Kensington Pride mango trees
  • 11,000 R2E2 mango trees
  • 2,000 Nam Doc Mai trees
  • 3,500 Maha chanook mango trees
  • 1,500 Tahitian lime trees

A new planting of 40,000 young Maha chanook mango trees has commenced on an adjoining property.

Our new state of the art packing shed with 4 star accommodation facility focuses on the supply of produce to the international and domestic market.