Kensington Pride

Kensington Pride is the most popular Australian mango, often called Bowen Mango, due to its place of origin. It is available from early August to early November. It is a colourful mango when ripe, with a tangy taste. It is a ripe eating mango and good processing variety.


R2E2 is one of the few mangoes in the world that keeps its original experimental name being Row 2 Experiment 2, bred in Queensland. It is a large midseason mango with a renown red blush colour. It is available from late September to mid November. R2E2 is fast growing in popularity among the Asian community for eating green. It is our most popular export variety due to its ability to travel and arrive in good condition. R2E2 is also a good variety for drying.

Nam Doc Mai

Nam Doc Mai is a popular green eating variety from Thailand, and growing market for eating as a dessert mango with sticky rice and ice cream. It is not usually used as processing mango due to a high brix level. A derivative of Nam Doc Mai looks very promising on trials at Tou’s Garden known as Nam Doc Mai Seetong (gold). Being firmer flesh and a golden colour making it more attractive to the international and Caucasian market.

Maha Chanook

Maha Chanook is trademarked in Australia by Tou’s Garden as the original importer and establisher of a commercial test quantity of 3,000 currently bearing trees, and 10,000 recently planted trees, with a further 30,000 under propagation. It is a highly coloured fruit with a taste like the popular Kensington Pride, bred in Thailand for tropics. It is named after the late king of Thailand who took a great interest in rural development in Thailand on the occasion of his 72 nd birthday. It has good processing and shelf life characteristics, with a high resistance to fungal diseases.

Keow Savoy

Keow Savoy is another Thai variety that is very popular as a green eating mango only due to its crunchy apple-like eating texture. It has a small but growing market amongst the Asian community in Australia. All Keow Savoy mangoes are packed on 10kg only.

Dried Mango

Drying – Tou’s Garden is one of the 4 instigating partner companies in establishing a mango value adding by drying faculty under the name of Australian Dried Produce (ADP).

ADP has purchased 2 ha of land in the Darwin Logistics Precinct with an existing processing room to food handling specifications. The faculty has one of the largest cool room and fruit preparing faculties in the Northern Territory.

ADP has used a pilot plant to provide commercial samples with a full scale stage 1 automated plant to be installed in time for the 2018 mango season.

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