Tou’s Garden

Welcome to Tou’s Garden, located in Acacia Gap just 45 minutes drive south from Darwin, Northern Territory.

With over 35,000 producing mango trees, plus 10,000 young mango trees, with a further 30,000 on recently cleared and adjoining area in plant over 600 hectares, Tou’s Garden is proud to supply a variety of mango and other fruit to the wholesale, export and retail markets, including:

  • Delicious Kensington Pride Mangoes
  • R2E2 Mangoes
  • The delicate dessert mango – Nam Doc Mai
  • The Exotic Maha Chanook,  Tou’s Garden trademarked mango
  • Tahitian Limes

Our modern packing shed houses state of the art packing equipment, and all cool rooms and facilities required to meet industry demands during the seasons.

Each year we employ a team of over 85 people to process the orders for Tou’s Garden.

Our extensive accommodation facilities below are set up for dual purposes:

  • Allow our seasonal staff to board onsite during the mango season
  • Catering services with accommodation for functions, events and parties