Tou’s Garden is supplying majority of their fruit to the southern Australian markets, where the fruits are well recognised of their superior quality. The fruits command a premium price, especially early in the season.


Mango Picking


Harvest season can vary with weather conditions but generally, it is expected that fruit will be available mid to late July in an effort to increase supply over 5 months or more.

The minimum shipping quantity is one pallet.



The packaging for bulk orders, initially of Kensington pride variety, would likely be in returnable pack bins.

Pallets for domestic trucking are approx. 2 meters high and broken down in size to suit export requirement by land or sea.

The fruit is traditionally packaged in trays to approximately 7kg in weight.

They are categorized by the number of fruit that fit into the tray, ie 10 pieces would be around 700 grams. The trays are contained in two-piece cardboard boxes of different strengths depending on the destination. 

Certificates and Accreditations


  • HACCP registered and members of the Australian Mango Industry Association and Northern Territory Horticulture Association.
  • Australian Fresh Care and Eurocap registration, along with USA Approved Importer status has been achieved.
  • Approved employers for the Seasonal Workers Program to employ overseas workers directly without the need for intermediatries.


Terms and Conditions


  • Tou’s Garden can offer the product at an agreed price range and negotiate for a whole of season arrangement before the harvest period.
  • Payment terms are payment upfront.