Working Conditions

When you join the team at Tou’s Garden you will be part of a locally owned and operated business highly regarded throughout the industry as a leader in its field. With 35,000 producing fruit trees and a further 40,000 being planted in the rural area of Darwin, we are looking for people for a variety of positions and at various times of the year.

Working Conditions

“Mango Madness” can be a very serious condition as it is very hot and humid during the picking season. It is important that you are very well prepared, ensure to do and bring the following items with you every day:

  • Drink a minimum of 5 litres of drinking water daily
  • Wear a wide brimmed hat, protective wraparound sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Wear a long sleeved shirt and long cotton or linen trousers
  • Wear comfortable, strong, work boots
  • Have insect repellent (insect protection)

Some people are allergic to mango sap so please follow these simple rules that may help prevent sap burn:

  • Listen to your supervisor and follow their instructions
  • Wash your clothes every day
  • Change your shirt every day (even twice a day if possible)
  • Try to avoid contact with mango sap

Staff Accommodation

Our onsite accommodation facilities are shared, air-conditioned rooms with access to large male/female showering and toilet facilities. Fully cyclone coded and certified to Australian building standards for fire and public health accredited.

The main living area includes:

  • Flat screen digital TV
  • DVD player
  • X-Box
  • DVD and book library
  • Games table
  • Home gym

Tou’s Garden will provide meals to those living on-site, we employ our own cook for the mango season.

If you are feeling energetic after work, the Manton Dam Nature Reserve, a beautiful dam for swimming, nature walks, fishing and picnicking is approximately 10 – 15 minutes by bicycle.