Kensington Pride

KP is our least exported Mango, as it is strongly purchased in the domestic market. This variety does not travel well internationally.

Kensington Pride Mangoes
Kensington Pride Mangoes Australia


The R2E2 Mango retained its original name, derived from Row 2 Experiment 2 its position in the field of the original tree at the DEEDI´s Bowen Research Station. It is a large, attractive mango with strong red blush, low fiber, and excellent shelf life. This variety has gained wide acceptance throughout all mango-growing regions in Australia and is the third most popular variety grown. This makes it highly sought after and it fetches higher prices on the domestic market than other varieties. With its long shelf life, this is also highly sought after on the export market making it suitable for export by sea or air.

R2E2 is growing in popularity on the Australian market due to its attractive appearance and good shelf life that meets export criteria.

R2E2 Mangoes Australia
R2E2 Mangoes Australia

Nam Doc Mai

Nam Doc Mai Mango originates from Thailand and is perhaps one of the world’s most versatile mangoes for all requirements and eating stages. It is yellow skinned at full maturity with a bit of pink blush when exposed to the sun. Nam Doc Mai has a flat seed giving an excellent flesh to seed ratio, low fiber and very sweet at maturity with a high brix.

This is a popular dessert mango. A specially selected clone of this variety weighing up to 500 grams, has been developed for ripe eating, trade marked by Tou’s Garden as Golden Smoothie.

Nam Doc Mai is an oblong shaped mango weighing between 250 and 750 grams. The fruit is an elongated shape with white green skin that develops a pink blush when exposed to the sun. If harvested green, eating it is best picked when the skin takes on a whitish green colour. In Australia most Nam Doc Mai grown are sold as green eating.

Nam Doc Mai Thai Mangoes Australia
Nam Doc Mai Thai Mangoes

Maha Chanok

The Mahachanok mango is trademarked by Tou’s Garden in Australia based on a clone of the original Thai Mahachanok. The natural clone of Sunset, which was first identified at Lampoon, Northern Thailand. Mahachanok is a large, regular bearing fiberless fruit with a flat seed similar in shape to Nam Doc Mai mangoes. It has a warm glowing blush colour when mature. The original Mahachanok is a mid to late season variety popular for export in Japan and Europe.

Mahachanok Mangoes Australia
Maha Chanok Australia Mangoes

Tahitian Limes

Tahitian Lime Tree produces lime green citrus fruits also known as Persian. Tahitian Lime Tree is known to be the best choice of Lime because of it being more cold tolerant than other species. It is easy to grow, and is generally pest and disease free with larger, seedless fruits that have a low acidic flavour than the Key Lime.

Tahitian Limes Australia
Lime Australia